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20 March 2009

We have been incredibly inspired by the presentations at South by Southwest (SXSW). More than each individual panel and presentation we attended, we had the opportunity to meet so many smart, thoughtful people to continue our discussions with outside the lecture halls. One of the most interesting aspects of SXSW is the luck, or some might say fate, of meeting different people to join in these conversations.

So we thought (as we often do), wouldn’t it be cool to combine the random meeting of people with the lessons learned from SXSW presentations? After some quick emails back to SWHQ to discuss, the idea for was born.

We don’t see as a comprehensive play-by-play of every panel, but more of a place to capture the insights and nuggets of knowledge. It’s a way for everyone – panelists, presenters, and attendees – to share the lessons they learned. By adding the #sxswlesson hashtag to your insights via Twitter, you automatically share your wisdom with the crowd via the site. In turn, people can comment on each insight to continue the conversation. You can browse all of the lessons sequentially, and you can also randomly view the lessons, much in the same way that you randomly come across interesting people around the convention center and out on the streets. You can also follow to receive new ideas right to your Twitter account.

The other thing we implemented on the site is the new Twitter OAuth into the site, which accesses peoples’ Twitter accounts through the site without them having to share their username/password with us. Basically this allows Twitter users to comment on the site and associate their Twitter profile with their comment, which in turn can increase the level of conversation between people.

As a Substance Labs project, we moved this one through quickly, focusing on the most important task: helping people share ideas. Erin, Cory and Eric honed the vision to launch within four days of coming up with the concept. Nothing like rapid prototyping, launching, and seeing what happens.

Hope you enjoy it! Oh, and if you can help spread the word about and let people know to add the #sxswlesson hashtag, you’ll be contributing to a richer, deeper conversation. So thanks in advance for that.

posted by Stephen Landau

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